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For more than 50 years Sprayway has been providing the graphics industry with the highest quality aerosol products available.

No. 22 Artist Mounting Adhesive Spray. A crystal clear formula that has fast tack. Repositionable, ideal for temporary bonding. Use on paper, cardboard, illustration and mat board, wood, glass, foil, mylar, foam core, acetate and fabric.

No. 40 Glass Cleaner. Cleans in seconds. Guaranteed to leave no film, streaks or scratches. Use on copy boards, camera lenses, film negatives, vacuum frames and stripping tables.

No. 45 CRT Terminal Screen Cleaner. Fast-drying. Non-streaking. Cleans and dissipates the electrostatic charge on terminal screens which is the cause of dust attraction and dirt build-up. Non-abrasive and scratch-proof.

No. 63 C-60 Solvent Cleaner & Degreaser. Removes unwanted ink spots, soil, grease, machine oil and other troublesome stains fast. Leaves no ring.

No. 66 Spray Adhesive. Quick tack. Long tack. Non-wrinkling. Water-resistant. Creates a pressure sensitive surface for temporary of permanent bond. Excellent for mounting printing plates. Leaves no adhesive on machine.

No. 77 Silicone Lubricant. Economy "semi-wet" silicone spray and release agent for easy flow to penetrate hard-to-reach areas, eventually drying for clean results. Stops rust and produces slick surfaces.

No. 88 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive. This translucent, fast drying adhesive bonds quickly and allows repositioning for better, more accurate results. Can be used as a permanent or temporary adhesive.

No. 90 RD-90 Machine Maintenance Spray. Lubricates, penetrates, displaces moisture. Contains UV Protectant. Ideal as an ink jet laminate spray and protective coating for frames to prevent ink build-up and easy maintenance.

No. 201 Plastic Spray Clear Fixative. Protects artwork, photographs, proofs, layouts, blueprints from smudge, smear, grease and moisture. Contains UV Protectant. Ideal as an ink jet laminate spray and protective coating for frames to prevent ink build-up and easy maintenance.

No. 203 Rubber Cleaner & Rejuvenator. Returns life to ink-laden, hardened rollers and blankets. Restores velvety-smooth surface.

No. 204 Matte Fixative. Odorless. Provides clear, permanent, waterproof protection. Dries in seconds to a matte finish which may be worked over. Use on pastels, charcoal, chalk, pencil, ink, water colors and casein.

No. 205 Film Cleaner. Cleans film positives or negatives. Removes fingerprints, tape marks, adhesives, grease pencil, ink, lint, dirt and smudges. Leaves no residue; quick-drying.

No. 206 Specialty Film Cleaner. Cleans diazo film, silver film, color transparencies, screen tints, scanner drums and contact screens. Leaves no residue.

No. 715 White Grease. Highly-concentrated, heavy-duty lithium lubricant spray. Leaves long-lasting film. Will not wash away or run off.

No. 804 Lint & Dust Remover. Jets of pinpointed moisture-free gas clean precision microelectronic components by removing microscopic dust.

No. 805 Clean Jet 100. A non-flammable, ultra-filtered dust remover with pinpoint jet accuracy delivering a blast of air up to 100 psi at 68º F (20ºC) . Leaves no residue; perfect for cleaning small, delicate and tight areas found in office and computer equipment.

No. 945 Silicone Spray. Stops sticking and lubricates screen frames, vacuum beds and printing plates for easy printing on various substrates. Dries instantly.

No. 949 Ink Anti-Skin. Delays drying of inks in screens. Eliminates screen wash-ups during short breaks. Stops ink skinning when sprayed in cans.

No. 950 Ink Anti-Skin, No Wash-Up Spray. Eliminates wash-ups. Spray in the ink can to stop skinning. For overnight, spray all rollers (while running) and ink fountain.

No. 955 Anti-Static Spray. Spray on metal rollers, feed-boards, feed-arms, cylinders, rollers, drive belts, any place static may generate.

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