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Baum PS Digital Creaser

Baum PS Digital Creaser

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Baum PS Digital Creaser

BAUM provides a new solution to scoring and perforating with a revolutionary new concept. The stock is fed in the portrait mode instead of conventional landscape mode with rotary scoring and perforating. The exclusive design enables both digital and offset stock scoring and can even provide a microperf using a reciprocating mechanical design. All operations are performed across the sheet instead of inline allowing multiple lines of perforation or scoring close together. Better scoring to eliminate cracking can be achieved using the BAUM PS Creaser.

The BAUM PS Digital Creaser is available in two sizes: the regular PS Creaser, which has a maximum sheet size of 19.69 x 25.19 inches (50 x 70 cm), and the PS MiniCreaser, with a maximum sheet size of 14.17 x 25.19 inches (36 x 64 cm). With an extension feeder, a maximum of 33.46 inches (85 cm) length can be attained.

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