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PSI Laser Mail 3655

PSI Laser Mail 3655

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PSI Laser Mail 3655 / Full Color “One Pass” Stationery & Mailing Printer.

Full Color Envelope and Sheet Printing.

Prints “On Demand” Variable Data on Stationery and Envelopes in Full Color

First Impressions are often lasting impressions.  Making the right impression the first time when printing Envelopes will help get them opened first and leave a lasting positive image of your company.

Wrinkle Free – High Impact
The Color Laser Mail 3655 system prints envelopes in Full Color and using PSI’s engineered technology delivers wrinkle free results.  With a feeder capacity as high as 1000 envelopes and the flexibility to add or remove envelopes and stationery while the system is in operation only enhances the benefits of having this system in your company. 

Print color on difficult stocks
The Laser Mail 3655 is a multifunctional system that in addition to printing envelopes and stationery can print on post cards, glossy stocks, labels, standard paper and difficult stocks. 

Cost Efficient
The Color Laser Mail system includes digital technology that allows for individual replacement of toner cartridges and image drums.  This means you only replace what color or part you need to replace.  This cost effective design alone will save you considerable dollars and enable you to run with duty cycles of 150,000 envelopes per month.

Come and see a live demonstration at Patton's facillity on the Full Color PSI Laser Mail 3655

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