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Colenta FP Processors

Colenta FP Processors

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Colenta FP Processors

ILP 68 FP/OL for ECRM Mako2/4/8

For Photopolymer CTP Printing Plates.

The Colenta FP Processors incorporates all the experience and features of Colenta's

now well proven Plate Developing and handling technology to produce Photopolymer

CtP printing plates (with or without PreHeat) to the highest standards.

Some details of the features of the COLENTA PlateProcessor design:

* A Robust design with ease of operation.

* A sophisticated Control software monitors and manages the varying range of production conditions in respect to replenishment requirements (including standby and sleepmode replenishment) ensuring a stable plate developer and consistent good quality production.

Standard Features and Accessories:

- Low Level monitoring for the DEV-tank

- Automatic Solution Tank „Top-Up" control on „Start-Up"

- High level monitoring for DEVELOPER overflow collection tank

- Low Level monitoring for DEVELOPER replenishment tank

- Re-Wash Feed Facility - „Safe Loading" control

- integrated Chiller unit

- „Work in Progress" monitoring

- Sleep Mode for overnight and weekends

- Automatic cleaning cycle for the

  gum section before entering the sleepmode

- possibility to deactivate the PreHeat to

  run non-PreHeat plates


- processor control software (Windows)

- floor trough

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