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Base-Line is committed to manufacturing top quality product and always ensuring you top-notch customer service.

Masking Sheets:

Base-Line pre-ruled masking sheets start with the highest quality substrates including goldenrod paper, orange paper, and orange vinyl. The premium grade of paper stock lies flat, cuts clean, and provides light blocking characteristics, yet is translucent enough for light tables. Orange vinyl provides additional archival stability, durability and tape release properties.

Base-Line prints masking sheets one-up on oversize stock to ensure sheet-to-sheet register. The sheets are then trimmed with precision so there is no image spread or deviation. Always accurate and always square, Base-Line masking sheets are consistent from package-to-package, order-to-order.


Available pre-ruled for more than 100 presses.

Printed on premium goldenrod and orange masking enamels that lay flat and cut clean.

Selected sheets available in orange vinyl mask for increased stability, durability, and tape release properties.

All substrates offer excellent light blocking characteristics.

Include all reference lines needed for accurate negative positioning.

Printed one-up for uncompromising registration and accuracy.

Available unruled in goldenrod, orange, and mandarin enamel paper in quantities of 100 or 500


Cleanup Sheets:

Base-Line Cleanup Sheets provide a fast and economical way of thoroughly cleaning ink rollers. To transfer ink onto a Cleanup Sheet at the end of a press run, simply place a Cleanup Sheet around the plate cylinder, add press wash, and idle the press until the rollers come clean. Once dry, the Cleanup Sheet is disposable as printed matter, saving the cost of hazardous waste disposal.

Base-Line Cleanup Sheets start with a premium base stock, which is up to 13% heavier than many competitive sheets. They provide superior wet strength and absorbency, and are virtually lint-free. Base-Line Cleanup sheets can also be used on both sides for added value.

Base-Line uses the same exacting standards in manufacturing Cleanup Sheets that go into our industry standard pre-ruled Masking Sheets. Our Cleanup Sheets are punched and trimmed for uncompromising accuracy and consistency. They are available in pinbar, slotted, and straight edge configurations for most duplicator presses. Base-Line Cleanup Sheets provide a low-cost and efficient way to reduce down time associated with wash-up.


  • Two-sided for double-duty value.
  • Matte stock is super absorbent and strong.
  • Won't break down and leave lint on rollers.
  • Precision-trimmed and punched in choice of pinbar, slotted, or straight edge configurations.
  • Nearly 50 varieties; available for most popular press models and sizes:
  • o A.B. Dick
  • o AM/Multigraphics
  • o A.T.F.
  • o Davidson
  • o Hamada
  • o Imperial
  • o Itek
  • o Miehle - M.G.D.
  • o Rotaprint
  • o Ryobi
  • o Toko

Dampening Covers:

As a graphic professional you probably know the Jomac name as well as you know your press. In fact, can you ever remember a time without Jomac? Jomac has been supplying the graphic arts industry with all kinds of printing products since 1936.

Jomac products have set new standards throughout the graphic industry. Along with the seamless cover innovation, Jomac introduced the first non-linting, all synthetic cover (GreensleevesTM) together with WatersleevesTM, J-Lastic Synthetic and others.

Base-Line acquired Jomac in 1999 and added the Jomac name to a list of its brand names. Base-Line continues to provide high quality Jomac dampening covers to the graphic arts industry in the United States and overseas.

Laser Plates:

Base-Line's Laser DirectTM polyester laser plates increase pressroom profitability and efficiency by providing a high-quality and affordable computer-to-plate solution.

Laser DirectTM's award-winning technology (laser plate sold by Base-Line won the prestigious GATF 1995 InterTech Technology Award, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the global graphic arts community) allows printers to image plates using only a dry toner laser printer with no additional processing required. Laser DirectTM eliminates the need for a camera, image setter, platemaker, processor, and darkroom chemistry.

It is simple to image a digital file using recommended laser printers*, wet the plate with diluted Laser DirectTM fountain solution, and start up the print job. Laser DirectTM saves valuable turnaround time and increases prepress output while greatly reducing equipment costs and hazardous waste disposal.

Best of all, the image quality and durability of Base-Line laser plates take the worry and complication out of short-run work. Laser DirectTM laser plate will hold a 1200 dpi image at 120 line screens. And, when imaged correctly using recommended laser printers Laser DirectTM will print in excess of 10,000 impressions. These qualities make Laser DirectTM one of the most affordable cost-saving systems available today.


  • Provide excellent results for letterhead, business cards, and literature with spot color, screens, and halftones.
  • Works with almost all rubber, oil, acrylic, and soy-based inks.
  • Double-sided and durable construction that resists scratching.
  • Reduce or eliminate hazardous waste disposal and provide a safer environment for employees.
  • Available in 14 pre-cut sizes in packages of 100 plates.
  • Offered with specially formulated Laser DirectTM fountain solution, plate cleaner, image remover pen, and reinforcing strips (sold separately).
  • *For optimum performance, image Laser DirectTM polyester laser plates using a HP LaserJet 5000/5100 series laser printer. Many other high quality laser printers and copiers will successfully image Laser DirectTM plates.
  • Multi-Purpose Gloves
  • Chemicles
  • Graphic Art Pens
  • Proofing Paper
  • Pre-Press Plastics

Multi-Purpose Gloves:

Base-Line offers a full line of top-quality protective gloves for use in a wide range of graphic arts applications.


Specially designed for a wide array of graphic arts applications.

Available in varying degrees of protection.

Disposable gloves offer toss-away convenience for just pennies a day.

Multi-Use Nitrile and PVC gloves offer superior comfort, strength and protection.

• Economy Disposable Vinyl Gloves

These gloves are soft and flexible yet strong and durable, making them an economical and quality choice.

Sold in cases only - 100 gloves/box, 10 boxes per case.

• Durable Disposable Vinyl Gloves

These gloves are slightly heavier than the economy version. Loose fitting and very durable, they are ideal for light duty work.

Sold in packages of 100 or 300 gloves.

• Disposable Nitrile Gloves

These gloves offer superior protection against chemicals and tearing. Form fitting and strong, they include a lightly textured surface for a sure grip.

Sold in cases only - 100 gloves/box, 10 boxes per case.

• Multi-Use Unsupported Nitrile Gloves

These long-lasting and flexible gloves come complete with a non-slip grip and an extended cuff. They resist punctures and abrasions and will stand up to most roller and blanket washes.

Sold in packages of 12 pairs.

• Heavy Duty PVC Gloves

These remarkably strong gloves offer comfortable, moisture absorbing liner and a special PVC/NBR coating. They are resistant to most of the chemicals, acids, caustics, alcohols and solvents found in the pressroom.

Sold in packages of 12 pairs.

Pre-Press Plastics:

A full line of top-quality plastics.

Base-Line's plastics are top quality, dimensionally stable and graphic arts grade. They are available in a wide assortment of sizes and gauges. Stripping materials are available in standard or custom cut sizes of Orange Vinyl Masking, Clear Polyester, Anti-Static Polyester, Anti-Newton/Anti-Halo Polyester as well as Ruby and Amber Peelable Masking. Base-Line also offers Polyester Press Packing. It is reusable, will not absorb, and has uniform thickness across any length or width. All Base-Line plastics are exceptionally strong to resist tearing, trimmed to exacting standards, and packaged for easy handling. Sheets are temperature resistant to reduce shrinking, stretching, and rippling.


  • Surfaces cut cleanly with no rough edges
  • Excellent handling properties
  • Dimensionally stable to lay flat and stay flat even after archiving
  • Consistent box to box, order to order
  • Double-sided anti-static materials with low haze factor means easy handling and fewer dot
  • gain headaches.
  • The slightly higher tack of ruby and amber film eliminates slivers of emulsion from forming
  • during breakdown
  • Packaged in reinforced boxes that won't collapse or buckle.
  • Custom cut sizes available



Graphic Art Pens:

Proofing Paper:


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