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Beseler Tunnels

Beseler Tunnels

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Beseler Tunnels

Standard Features

  • Digital P.I.D. self tuning temerature control
  • Automatic cool down circuit
  • Easy access slide out control panel
  • No maintenence mesh belt
  • Adjustable air dampers
  • High velocity/volume blower
  • Heat ducted to all 4 sides of packages
  • Long life heavy duty Cal Rod heaters
  • Durable electro-static powder finish


Available Models

  • TD-16-10 TD-18-8 TD-20-12-1PH TD-20-12-3PH TD-20-19-3PH Extended Height TD-20-26-3PH Extended Height TD-30-12-3PH TD-30-19-3PH Extended Height TD-30-26-3PH Extended Height

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