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H.S. Boyd.

On press perforating, scoring and die-cutting.

H.S. Boyd makes the rules for efficient and cost effective production in the pressroom. Founded in 1956, H.S. Boyd Company was, and continues to be, the innovator of perforating, scoring, slitting and die-cutting solutions for printers worldwide. To assist you with any technical questions pertaining to our products, H.S. Boyd provides 1-800 technical service from pressroom-qualified technical experts with over 75 years combined technical experience. With Boyd products, you won't go wrong!

All of the H.S. Boyd on-press finishing rules are diamond sharpened and heat treated to exact specifications to ensure maximum durability. For nearly 50 years, their offset products have been the industry standard and leading choice of printers. They offer the finest products available and are represented by the most trusted dealers in the industry.

At H.S. Boyd, every job is considered a high priority. That's why their offset finishing products are specially designed to meet your specific needs. They offer over 100 rule configurations, from 3-tooth-per-inch to 50-tooth-per-inch; rule heights from .0125 inch to .035 inch; straight cut and serrated edge rules. They can even make a specialty die designed just for your application.


An original Boyd product, Litho-Perf remains the industry standard for reliability and high-quality performance. Litho-Perf is available in 6-, 8-, 12- and 16-tooth rules. Rule height selections from .0125 inch to .029 inch allow you to perform perforations on a variety of paper and card stocks for jobs such as direct response mailing cards, coupon booklets and tickets.



The first in-the-run, on-press scoring accessory designed for the offset press, Litho-Score holds consistent register with the printed copy. The rule prepares the stock for a neater fold and is available in various heights and widths for different card and paper stocks. Litho-Score is ideal for scoring newsletters, folders, thank you cards, announcements, table tents and any other job requiring the stock to fold.


Litho-Score/Card has no sharp, square edges that risk cutting heavier stocks. Its wider, round scoring edge helps minimize cracking and is excellent for heavier coated and uncoated stock, cast-coated paper, covers and jobs where solid coverage is required.



Litho-Snap functions in the same manner as Litho-Perf, creating perforated, quick-separation snap-out or snap-apart forms. Litho-Snap is available in 3- and 4-tooth paper heights with the 4-tooth available in a higher cutting height for heavier card stocks. An industry exclusive, Litho-Snap was designed with a serrated cutting edge.


Litho-Slit eliminates separate runs by permitting on-press, straight-cutting possibilities. The rule is effective for slitting, straight-line die-cutting and insertion slots in presentation folders and can be used on either card or paper stocks. Litho-Slit can be selected with either a straight edge or our industry-exclusive serrated edge to meet specific criteria.


With 30-, 40- and 50-tooth rules, Micro-Perf is ideal for perforating continuous-feed forms, creating a perforation line that remains clean with no stray fibers or rough edges. The rules are available in a rule height of .022 up to .029 inch, designed for use on paper or card stocks. Micro-Perf is also ideal for jobs that will be passed through a laser printer after being perforated.

Precision-Rules® *NEW*  

The Precision Rules® line of products are designed for critical kiss cutting/creasing applications.  Precision Rules® work in conjunction with all on-press finishing systems and are available in two heights, 0.6mm (.024") and 0.9mm (.035").  Precision Rules® maintain a tolerance of ±.0002" providing an exact cut or crease with minimum pressure every time.  Precision Rules® are designed and manufactured to the same standards as all H. S. Boyd products and are diamond sharpened and heat treated to insure maximum durability.

Inline Offset Die-cutting (IOD)

Inline Offset Die-cutting (IOD) allows the printer to die-cut specific shapes or patterns on an offset printing press during the normal printing run. This operation allows the printer to maintain control and finish the job in-house. Additionally, substantial cost savings are realized as the die-cut procedure can be accomplished at normal press speeds in most instances. The quality of the IOD procedure is comparable to traditional die cutting methods allowing additional finishing to be accomplished with minimal complications.

H. S. Boyd Co., Inc. offers three alternatives for Inline Offset Die-cutting based on press type and job specifications.

H. S. Boyd Litho Dies

Perf Print Plus (PPP)

Inline Offset Cutting (IOC)

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