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Salco Electric Blue Streak (EBS) staples for R105/106


For use in SALCO Electronic Staplers

Models 100E, 101E, R105, and R106

Equipped with #66/6-8 Stapling Heads**

While for emergency needs, you may purchase standard office staples in your local area for use in our electronic staplers as well as those sold under the brand name "Rapid", we urge you to be certain that the standard office staples you buy are made of FLAT WIRE rather than common round wire. We have found that ROUND WIRE type staples give very poor stapling results in all electronic staplers and will result in jamming of the stapler and premature wear necessitating replacement of the stapling head.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that standard office staples not be used when stapling more than 6-8 sheets of ordinary 20lb. bond paper. These staples are made of low-carbon, soft wire intended for desk-top manual staplers and will buckle and jam when used in an electronic stapler. Again, premature wear of the stapling head will occur and replacement become necessary.

We specifically recommend SALCO Electric Blue Streak Staples be used in our Electronic Staplers.


  • 210/6 EBS 1/4" (Electric Blue Streak) Staples for stapling
  • 2 to 20 sheets of ordinary 20 pound bond paper.
  • 210/8 EBS 5/16" (Electric Blue Streak) Staples for stapling
  • 21 to 45 sheets of ordinary 20 pound bond paper.
  • 210/8.5 EBS 11/32" (Electric Blue Streak) Staples for stapling
  • 45+ sheets of 20 lb. bond, or 45 sheets plus a cover.

**Machines equipped with 44/6-8 Stapling Heads require use of either 24/6 1/4" or 24/8 5/16" Staples.

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